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The EXCL series offers a wide range of metal degreasers to remove fats, waxes, oils, greases, carbon deposits and scaling. These products offer superior cleaning on any substrate, that includes various metals, alloys, plastics and glass. 


We have a series of human safe, water based cleaners as well as solvent based cleaners to combat any kind of industrial dirt. 

Solvent Substitutes:

  • EXCL 50GP: A general purpose cleaner.

  • EXCL 40SC: A speciality cleaner for paints and waxes.

  • EXCL 20GP: A fast drying cleaner.

  • EXCL 20WS: A manual cleaner with longer anti-corrossive additives.

Solvent Based: 

  • EXCL 10PN: An MTO based cleaner.

  • EXCL 10SN: An IPA based cleaner.

  • EXCL 10OH: A general solvents cleaner.

Manual Cleaning

Concentrates and ready-to-use formulations for all kinds of machine cleaning operations, with built-in rust inhibitors.

High-Pressure cleaning machines:

  • EXCL 50HP: For pressures up to 20 bar, works even at room temperature. 

Ultra-sonic cleaning machines:

  • EXCL 50US: For cast iron, steel and alloys.

  • EXCL 40US: For aluminium and brass. 

  • EXCL 10US: For extremely tough cleaning.

Machine Cleaning

Under the EXAR series of products to combat rust, we have a safe alternate to acidic removal of rust. Absolutely safe of hands, this product will not corrode your component while it works. 

  • EXAR 50RR: This product works both as a manual cleaner or in dipping operations. 

Rust Removal


Storage bins get coated with thick oil, grease and drippings from components during transit. We have a series of powerful bin washing products to remove stubborn oils, dirt, grease and even STICKERS!

  • EXCL 50BW: A concentrate formula for dilution at 10% - 20% in pressured machine washing. 

  • EXCL 40BW: Specially designed to remove very strong stickers from plastic surfaces.

Bin Washing

Concentrates and ready-to-use formulations for all kinds of machine cleaning operations, with built-in rust inhibitors.

Floor Cleaning:

  • EXCL 10FC: A industrial floor cleaner for epoxy coated floors. Concentrate formulation to be diluted at 10% in water. 

General Purpose cleansers:

  • EXCL 50HW: For removal of grease and dirt. 

  • EXCL 20AQ: For removal of PU sealants. 

Shop Floor Maintenance

Specially formulated to clean glass surfaces. These products remove oils, fingerprints, carbon, paint and many other unsightly stains. 

  • EXCL 50GC: Regular concentrate to be diluted in water at 1:30 ratio. 

  • EXCL 20GC: A speciality ready-to-use formulation for wind shields, to be exported to countries with temperatures falling up to -50°C. 

Glass Surfaces