D-2 Block, Plot No. 29 / 7 and 8, MIDC, Chinchwad, Pune - 411019, Maharashtra, INDIA.



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Our Vision

In 1969, we started as RAMESH AND COMPANY, based out of a little shop in Narayan Peth, Pune, selling thinners and paint. Over the course of time, we moved to a factory plot in MIDC, Chinchwad to begin manufacturing our first set of thinners and paints. As the years rolled by, paints came and went, yet thinners did not let us evaporate. 
Post the year 2000, as we entered a new world of stringent environmental norms, human safety and a lengthening list of banned chemicals, we began our development of a new family of products. These products would aim to be eco-friendly, human safe and free from harmful chemicals. For the next 15 years, we spent our time designing and researching new ways to solve old problems. Customers came to us with wishes that we worked hard to fulfill. 
And then came 2016, the year when we realised that we had changed. In our race to bring the best new solutions to a new world, our operations had evolved, our team was stronger, more technical, more competent. Our production systems were superior and our core values had metamorphosed from a company that delivers, to a company that cares. We were no more simply a name. We were a force of change. We were an energy that manifested itself whenever a problem was mixed with a need for improvement. And this energy to make things better, safer, easier, needed no catalyst.
It was exergonic!
Today, in 2019, as we stand to complete 50 years of our best efforts, we at EXERGON, believe there is more. We envision a world where water can be used economically, where wastage can be controlled, where prices need not be debilitating and where chemicals need not be harmful. We, at EXERGON, believe that change is possible... just ask us.