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Custom-built chemical formulations

Speciality chemicals for the auto and engineering sector.
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Natural organic botany and scientific gl

Greener, safer options.

We offer eco-friendly products, some even biodegradable, to perform traditionally hazardous processes. 

Active stock management

Our Customer Support team actively engages in monitoring your stock levels remotely using re-order analytics.
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On-site support

Our Customer Success Team in always in the field and available 24/7 to solve problems. 

Expert recommendations

Our Technical Team is highly qualified and experienced to recommend the right solution to your process problems. 
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Rigorous consistency

Our Production Team follows strictly pre-defined processes with 0% deviations and 100% traceability. 

ISO Certified

Our Operations Team has diligently ensured Quality (9001:2015) and Environmental (14001:2015) certifications for over 2 decades.
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