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Keep your shop floor as clean as your components. We have an array of chemicals for shop floor maintenance, especially for the paint shop.   

Once you become a customer, you become part of our family. And family always gets what it wants. Over the years we have developed various niche products to cater to the many needs of our customers, including import substitution and cost savings.   

A basket of assorted goodies

Floor Cleaners

Concentrates for cleaning oil spills, grease, muddy shoe marks and skid marks from trolley casters. We also have a cleaner to remove old tile stains (pictured on the right).

Glass Window

Glass Cleaners

Excellent maintenance cleaning for glass surfaces and general office space maintenance. These products can remove unsightly stains, fingerprints and even paint. 

Bin washing

Concentrate products clean old, accumulated grease and oil within minutes. Works well at concentrations of 5 - 10% depending on how dirty the bins are. 

Dirty Machine.jpeg
colorful plastic boxes stacked one upon

Machine maintenance

Staining from years of using machining coolants looks unsightly and wears out the paint of the machine. Try our machine cleaners that can make your machine look as good as new.

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