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We offer 100% organic, eco-friendly rust removers. 

No hazardous fumes

Our rust removers do smell a bit, but do not give out hazardous fumes. Your work shop structure will not suffer from damage even with prolonged use.

No metal loss

Most widely used acids eat into the metal component. If kept in contact with the acid for too long, it results in weight-loss of the component. EXAR Products do not eat into the metal, but simply loosen the rust and allow it to dissapear. 


Corrosion compromises quality

Rust is when oxygen reacts with metal ions to convert it into an oxide. This is a permanent change in the metal structure that cannot be reversed at ambient temperatures. Rust makes the component brittle, compromises it's tensile and buckling strength and results in poor quality metal.  


A spray and wipe formula to help penetrate into porous cast iron. Removes rust in less than 5 minutes.


Designed for dipping operations. Simply dip the rusted component for 20 minutes to an few hours to remove rust.

Get more out of your product

Our rust removers come in different variants depending on what your operation is.

24 hour rust prevention

Yes! A rust remover that can prevent further rusting for up to 24 hours in dry weather. It can prevent rust for up to 12 hours in coastal areas.  

Doubles up as a cleaner

Not just rust, but also oil, grease and black welding stains! You could clean and de-rust in one operation. 

Bio-degradable ingredients

Our formula uses organic, bio-degradable ingredients to ensure minimum load on your ETP.

No inorganic acids

Absolutely none! No nitric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid or any other inorganic ingredients! This makes our product safer on skin contact.

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