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Information for the manufacturing sector.

Our next guest needs no introduction. I know I have a deceivingly sunny disposition. It is a coping mechanism. 

COVID has come at the heels of a near recession. Yet, the memories of block closures and delayed cash flows seem so old, like forgotten nightmares, in the face of this new monstrosity. 

It is all so overwhelming, the question is... what now?

Begin again

Precautions to avoid sickness and accidents.

As the industry resumes work gradually, there are a number of precautions we will have to take to avoid future shocks to business. 

The Government has recommended many steps to disinfect you workplace and employees. We have explored a few more derived dangers that we would like to share with you.

Image by Verne Ho

Chemical Disinfection

What chemicals to use?

80% Alcohol: WHO recommended and most widely used option to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi within minutes. Only trouble is, alcohols are highly flammable and require proper care during storage. 

Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions: Commonly known as household bleach, simply make a 5% solution of pure Sodium Hypochlorite in water and spray. While this is a non-flammable option, it leaves white stains. 

Skin Disinfection

Wash you hands!!!

Hand washing: For 20 seconds with a regular, foaming hand soap. Sing "Ringa-ringa-roses" twice. 


Hand sanitizers: At least 80% ethanol based hand sanitizers are great if you are on the move, but they don't replace old fashioned hand washing. Wash hands with soap as frequently as possible, even if you have sanitized your hands with alcohol.  

Image by Mélissa Jeanty
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