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Eco-friendly anti rust oils? Absolutely possible! 

Short to medium term rust prevention

Our anti-rust oils protect from 15 days (local in-transit) to 4 months, when component is stored indoors. 

Water-based formula available

We also have water-based anti-rust agents that can protect for up to 10 days in dry, indoor storage conditions. 

AR Oil 1.jpg

Bio oils

Derived from vegetable oils, our formulations are green and non-toxic. We also keep standard mineral oil based formulations.


Rust preventive oils

These act as barriers to moisture, salts and acids, helping protect the metal from oxidizing. 

  • Excellent mechanical barrier against moisture and air. 

  • Superior adsorption on the metal surface

  • Added active agents that help de-oxidize the surface

  • Metal passivation additives

  • Available in different viscosities to suit any application method, from brush application, to spraying to dipping. 

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