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50 years of


Paint, without RAMCO, just wont do. 

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The brand everyone knows and trusts.

A heritage that spans three generations, RAMCO is our oldest and most trustworthy brand.  Expertise gathered over 50 years shows in purity of our thinners.

Double filtered products

No carcinogens

No reclaimed solvents

Touch-free production

Paint Thinners

Thinners for every type of paint in the world, from simplest NC Paint to the most sophisticated 2-pack PU Paint. Our R&D and years of experience gives you a perfectly compatible thinner.  

Car Body Painter Spraying Paint On Bodyw

Cleaning Thinners

Multi-metal compatibility and ruthless on all kinds of dirt and oils, cleaning thinners are a paint shop's most ubiquitous consumable. We also offer thinners that de-statify the component to prevent dust particles from getting attracted to the cleaned surface.  

Image by Mark de Jong

Flushing Thinners

Your most crucial tool while switching shades on a paint line. Remember the pain of changing from a red shade to white? With us, you will have only fond memories of a job well done!

Hands with microfiber cloth cleaning gas

Paint Strippers

Effective and quick paint stripping thinners to help you repaint jobs and reduce rejections. No need for sand-papering, sand blasting or grinding. 

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