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Aqueous degreasing chemicals for all engineering operations. Both alkaline and acidic formulations available.

All cleaning operations

The EXCL series of products has cleaning chemicals for high pressure washing, ultrasonic cleaning, agitation cleaning and manual cleaning. 

Available as concentrates

Depending on the operation, our products can be supplied as concentrates, to be diluted at 3 - 20% in water before use. 

Temporary rust protection

All our cleaning chemicals have in-built rust protection for up to 24 hours. This allows your production line the luxury of time in case of accidents or holidays. 

Eco-friendly, human safe

All our aqueous products are safe to use and most are eco-friendly.  Our R&D works incessantly to improve the formulations to make them safer and cleaner. 


The most essential precursor

Degreasing is an essential step prior to painting, powder coating and component modifications. It also forms an essential part of surface treatment, preparing the metal for further activation.


High-pressure cleaning

Our high-pressure cleaning concentrates are multi-metal formulae. They remove grease, machining fluids, burr, dust, carbon and oils easily. 

  • Excellent results between 3 - 7% dilution in water. 

  • Non-foaming formulae remain stable at up to 100 bar pressure.

  • Compatibility with ferrous and non-ferrous metals / alloys

  • Formula available for washing plastic bins without damage to plastic or removal of printed ink. 

  • No borates, nitrates, sulphates, chlorine or silicates present. 

  • No solvents present keeping VOC at 0%.

Ultra-sonic cleaning

Specially designed to enhance the cleaning efficiency and reduce time in ultrasonic cleaning, these products are available as concentrates. Our Ultrasonic cleaning chemicals range from water-based to solvent-water hybrids suitable all metal alloys.

  • Available as concentrates and ready-to-use products depending on the complication of the component structure. 

  • Corrosion prevention available for up to 24 hours. 

  • Compatibility with ferrous and non-ferrous metals / alloys

  • Enhances ultrasonic cleaning action and does not allow the dirt to stick back on to the component. 

  • No borates, nitrates, sulphates, chlorine or silicates present. 

  • Available as fully aqueous formulae of solvent-water hybrid products. 

Car Engine Head in Ultrasonic Cleaning M
Image by Globelet Reusable

Agitation cleaning

Potent cleaning concentrate designed to loosen dirt and oils in simple agitation machines where high pressures or ultrasonic waves are not available.

  • Available as concentrates that work at 10 - 20% dilution in water. 

  • High strength formula works efficiently where high pressure or ultrasonic waves are not available. 

  • Instant emulsification ensures that oil is nicked off the surface and arrested in suspension.

  • Compatible with ferrous components. 

20WS cleaning.jpg

Manual cleaning

For light cleaning prior to packaging, surface preparation prior to welding or pre-cleaning before sending a component into a typical 7-tank Process, our manual cleaners are perfect partners.

  • Ready-to-use formulations with one concentrate available, dilution at 20% in water. 

  • Perfect for manual scrubbing operations with cloth or scrubbing pad.

  • Sweet smelling formula makes the cleaning experience pleasant.

  • Safe on skin.

  • Available in alkaline, acidic and solvent based formulations. 

Free trials available

Schedule a demo with us and get up to 1 month of free trials on all our cleaning products. Longer trial periods are negotiable.

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