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Eco-friendly VCI packaging

High performance packaging products with green corrosion inhibitors allowing you to complete your process in a non-toxic, safe manner. 

Green VCI technology

Amine free, nitrites free, USFDA approved, IIP, BSFV Certified. 

Multiple offerings

SECURUST® offers a range of packaging materials like films, paper and desiccants.

Technical consultations

SECURUST® brings 15 years of industrial experience to the table. So you don't get just a packaging product, you get a full consultation on best practices to ensure your customer always receives a clean component. 

On-site troubleshooting

Long-term relations are never just "fit and forget". SECURUST® is committed to solving all on-site problems with preventive action to ensure long-term satisfaction. 

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Simply packing in plastic is never enough. Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors ensure that atmosphere inside the pack is controlled as well. VCI emits vapours that condense on the metal surface creating a thin, invisible barrier against moisture. Double protection leading to double security. 

Why VCI protection?
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VCI Films

Strong, high-performance VCI films with multi-metal compatibility. 

  • Available in sheets, rolls, tubing, 2D and 3D bags. 

  • Greater barrier to atmospheric moisture. 

  • Customised thickness available.

  • Non-toxic and recyclable.

  • No nitrites or amines present.


Metals, Automotive components, Engineering, electronics and electrical industries, Defence. 

VCI Paper

Dry packaging for long-term storage with eco-friendly VCI additives. 

  • Kraft papers coated with high performance VCI additives.

  • Faster diffusion rate of VCI additive.

  • Excellent for high shelf-life products.

  • No cleaning or degreasing required as it provides a robust dry barrier against the elements.  


Metal mills, Automotive components, Engineering, electronics and electrical industries, Defence. 

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VCI HDPE Appl.jpg
VCI Paper.jpg
VCI Paper Appl.jpg


A combination of HDPE woven fabric with a durable, polyethylene lamination to provide double security. 

  • Eco-friendly VCI lamination on the inside layer for superior corrosion protection.  

  • HDPE weaving accounts for added strength and durability with flexibility.


Coils, wires, sheets, rods, aluminium, steel, machinery and defence equipment. 

HDPE laminated VCI Paper

Faster diffusion from Kraft paper combined with superior moisture barrier of HDPE lamination. 

  • Excellent tensile strength with greater protection from punctures

  • Better tear strength than plain VCI paper.

  • Best suited for storage in open areas or during long sea shipments. 


Steel coils, automotive components, metal mills, engineering and defence.

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HDPE Paper Appl.jpg
VCI Foil Barrier.jpg

VCI added Shrink Film

Co-extruded VCI shrink film is designed for the most demanding corrosion inhibiting applications.*

  • Ideal for ODC export shipments

  • With added UV inhibitors on request. 

  • Very high tear and dart resistance. 

  • Customised sizes available.  


Chemical plant equipment, military and naval equipment, jet engines, aerospace and shipping, control panels, heavy equipment, engine parts etc. 

* Shrink guns also available with us. 

Aluminium laminated barrier foil

Co-extruded aluminium foil, PET film and green VCI film makes a staggeringly impenetrable fortress for your components. 

  • Virtually NO moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR), an absolutely critical criterion for sensitive industries like food and pharmaceuticals. 

  • Capable of maintaining relative humidity levels below 40%.

  • Ideal for very long term storage extending up to 15 years.  


Spares for power plants, refineries, defense, aerospace and shipping, control panels, heavy equipment, engine parts etc. 

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Shrink film.jpg
VCI Stretch Film.jpg
Shrink Wrap 2.jpg

SECURUST® Dessicants

Dessicants are one of the crucial elements to securing your component inside its VCI protection. Dessicants absorb stray moisture from the air inside your packaging, ensuring that the VCI is free to adsorb onto the surface without barriers. 

  • A wide array of dessicants from the people who bring you your packaging needs. 

  • Performance ranging from 30% absorption to 200%, depending on your conditions. 

  • Packed in DuPont and Tyvek® pouches for uncompromised desiccation.


Enhances corrosion protection inside all packaging. 

VCI Stretch Film

Stretch films have the ability to hold multiple items together on a palette. With SECURUST®, stretch film comes added with VCI for corrosion protection.

  • Superior VCI protection with the advantages of stretch wrapping. 

  • Excellent for banding, wrapping and unitizing large loads while not compromising on corrosion protection. 

  • No need for subsequent degreasing or cleaning. 


Steel coils, wires, strips, tubes and for the auto sector. 

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