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More than 50 years ago, we started  manufacturing paint thinners under the brand RAMCO. Since then, we have grown to include a host of specialty chemicals for the auto and engineering sector. Each formulation is customizable to suit your process. 

Since our inception in 1969, EXERGON has been focused on building long-term relations with customers. 

Long-term relationships never come easy. EXERGON has a strict policy of "Profit to the customer first".


At EXERGON, we believe in partnering with customers to bring value to the table. Our laboratory technicians collaborate closely with commercial team to achieve in-house development of formulations while maintaining optimum costs.

At all times, through responsible usage of chemicals, minimum possible wastage and continuous training of awareness, we work hard at causing least conceivable hard to the environment. Our priority is to make as many new products, eco-friendly.


Being a family owned, family run organisation, we function under a unified leadership. Staying true to our values comes naturally, helping us stay focused and consistent. 

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Continuous development is a key value of our organisation.

We have a fully equipped factory, spread over 18000 sq. ft. in the industrial zone of Pune. We are equipped with 3 stores and 2 manufacturing workshops, both functioning on semi-automatic production systems. 


Product development and quality testing is done completely in-house. We have all the latest equipment required to design formulations, test them and scale them to production level with a dedicated budget to increasing technical capability, year-on-year.

The buck can finally, stop here.

EXERGON works closely with you to understand your specific requirement and helps identify an end-to-end solution so that you can focus on your core competencies.  

360° study of the problem

We send experts to understand the before and after of your operation, so that the product suggested does not clash with your process flow. 

Regular follow-up visits

Once a product is successfully implemented, our team continues to visit your shop floor to ensure everything is in order. 

As safe as possible

Our focus remains on keeping the formula as safe and eco-friendly as possible.

Price, price, price!

We control our process and inputs very strictly to ensure the most economical prices are offered for a long term.

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